Sunday, March 11, 2012


FileIce is a brand new level of PPD (pay per download) that will help you monetizing your valuable web contents and traffic. If you have unique and most wanted contents such as game cheats/walkthroughs, cool ebooks or anything else, you can make it as your cash machine simply by uploading it to FileIce. When a user downloads it you will earn some bucks. Unlike any other traditional pay per download networks, you don’t need to have that 1000 downloads to earn only $30. Fileice pays much higher for one single download since they use a CPA (cost per action) gateway before allowing a user to download the file. Few days ago I had one download which gave me $7.20 ! Can you generate tons of downloads daily with your valuable files? Then your earning will be seriously huge!

However, to get approved by FileIce may not be easy for some people. If you have tried to apply for the first time and simply got denied.

Don’t worry, follow my simple tips to get you approved by FileIce within 4 hours or less. Yes, my application was first also rejected but then after few days I reapplied with these tips and got approved quickly. It worked for me so most likely it will also work for you 

  • You need a good referral, by having a referral your chance to get accepted is rather higher. Click here to signup at FileIce LLC.
  • You have to have a working web/blog. If you don’t have one, create one before applying. For example create one about a popular game cheats, it’s okay to have only one post and even if you actually don’t have the cheats just write about the general info about it.
  • Verify your web/blog when you apply.
  • Explain them that you have that game cheats you wrote as an ebook and you’d like to upload it to FileIce to earn some incomes.

That’s it. Easy, huh? After completing the form you should soon receive an email to verify your email address. Just click the link given and simply wait for the approval in the next few hours 

That was exactly the steps I did to get me approved by FileIce. And the approval was surprisingly quick. The email verification was delivered in my inbox at 9:22 and the email telling me that I was accepted arrived at 12:42 (same day). That was only approximately 3 hours!


Well, be creative. I gave the example above with gaming niche, don’t just copy it.. Make your own, something like how to play guitar etc.. there are many out there you can think of.
Don’t break TOS, I mean they forbid any copyright materials, fakes and adults so don’t use that niches.
Time range of approval may vary.. you may be in different time zone with FileIce office so just be patient.
Work hard and smart. This is maybe optional tips but most of the time the lazy won’t make even a cent.  uhm, am I right? 
Good luck, friends!


Thank you for this. I'm currently waiting answer from filece :)

thankxx i am waiting for response from file ice

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Thx. I'm gonna get started tommorow! ^_^ I thought up of some methods too on working with PPD sites.

help me. I don't how to upload file into fileice. give a tutorial plis..........

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